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Alternative Staffing Solutions


Harris Training Institute, Inc.

Building Careers, Changing Lives One Student at a Time!

Tell us about your experience at HTI:

Ryan Hampton said on Nov 6, 2016 1:26 AM

Harris Training Institute (HTI) is a school that creates foundation in the world of nursing and healthcare as a whole. Mrs. Harris is dedicated to her school, and the success of her students. HTI has taught me a lot about focusing more on patient care in terms of treating them as if they are your family member, and professionalism in any healthcare facility. In addition to the great education, Mrs. Harris made sure that my peers and myself build a great relationship in team work and friendships that has longevity. I am proud to say that I was voted top NA among my coworkers at my job thanks to Mrs. Harris and HTI!

Craig B Clay said on May 6, 2016 8:02 AM

Mrs. Harris's CNA I course is absolutely top notch. Her thorough lectures and hands on clinical time ensured that I passed the NC CNA I written and skills test the first time. She was very accommodating and let me add to her class last minute to assist with my completing the registry by a specific date. She really invested herself in our future. Some struggled in our class and it was quite common for her to stay and spend extra time to help with those individuals. More importantly she ensured that each skill was completed per state guidelines multiple times by each individual in the class. Our actual clinical rotations were also very thorough. We had some chuckles getting our hands on work done but that's what being a CNA I is all about. Loving what you do and helping others. Thanks Mrs. Harris!

Yvette said on Apr 15, 2016 0:49 AM

I was thinking about a new avenue in regards to how I can make some additional money that would not be overwhelming and conflict with my full time employment. A family member told me that they make great money as a CNA. I said let me research this field. I was surprisingly pleased with my research. Then I researched the many different schools who offered this program in my county (Wake) and other neighboring counties. After about two weeks, I narrowed my search. I was struggling between staying in my county to prevent the travel or go where the price was reasonable, the class schedule fit into my schedule, you can test in the environment where you learned the skills and there was a payment option available, if needed. I spoke to Mrs. Harris on several occasions before I made my decision. I felt very comfortable communicating with her over the phone as she sounded very compassionate about teaching others, therefore; I chose to go with Harris Training Institute in Durham. When I started the class, I knew Mrs. Harris was a very good instructor as she related real life experiences and incorporated great examples in her lesson plan to enhance my knowledge. She makes you want to make life changes in regards to your health based on what you learn in her class. I did not think that I was going to be able to maintain a full-time and a part-time job as well as taking this class, but I did. I made it work, because it was something that I wanted. Class was always interesting as feedback and questions were always welcome. I would recommend this school to all who are seeking any certifications from Harris Training Institute. Thank you Mrs. Harris! I appreciate your entrepreneurship, your wealth of knowledge and for making this a great experience for me! Wake County Resident

T.Johns said on Mar 16, 2016 3:52 AM

Harris Training Institute I can honestly say Mrs.Harris is one of my favorite teacher's, I ever had in my life! Very smart down to earth teacher and its not just all about books books books! Mrs.Harris really make your learning experience fun! She takes her time when teaching you will not move on to the next topic until she's sure everyone undetstands what she just talk about! I can honestly say Mrs.Harris is one of my role models! So if your looking to attend a CNA Class 2310 S.Miami Blvd Suite 135 Durham, NC 27703. Definitely is where you need to be!

Patrice Crews said on Mar 13, 2015 4:18 AM

I absolutely love this school and the professor! I've seen professors who are dedicated to their work and teachings but I haven't seen it in this form which makes this experience a humbling one. Mrs. Harris cares for her students and cares about their success in moving forward. Attending Harris training institute I didn't know what to expect. Mrs. Harris is about business and very professional. She is in tune with the students and the different ways they learn. Other than teaching the classroom setting to perfection she's also a great hands on professor in the lab. She makes you want to learn because she makes it fun and enjoyable. There is no way you wouldn't want to learn nor strive to be better because she motivates you to do so. I would recommend Harris training institute to anyone who is willing to succeed! I love it!

Courtney Clark said on Mar 11, 2015 11:14 PM

I received a lasting education from HTI. Mrs. Harris' clear teachings helped me grasp things well enough to pass my state exams THE FIRST TIME. She places emphasis on working as you were taught; And she only teaches EXCELLENCE. But, she does it with so much love that you can't help but to have fun. No sugar coat. Just real-world, by-the-book (with a twist) instruction. If you can't get it here, you can't get it anywhere.

T. Gooding said on Sep 25, 2014 3:46 AM

Mrs. Harris is truly concerned about the success of her students. Not only does she take a great deal of care in ensuring the nurse aide skills are completely accurately but she also provides a level of professional insight that you would not normally receive in a classroom. The fact that she is willing to share her experiences, so others can learn from them, is one of the things that impressed me the most about her teaching style. I am so thankful I found HTI to complete my CNA training.

Y. Carmichael said on Oct 2, 2013 6:21 PM

Mrs. Harris is a great instructor and makes her classes enjoyable. She explains the material so you can understand it, then apply it. She goes beyond her duties, and helps students find jobs. I am grateful that this school was around when I took my CNA course. Thanks to HTI I now have a great job as a Health Care Tech I, and I apply the skills I learned that put me a step ahead....

Michael Y. said on Sep 24, 2013 7:22 AM

Mrs. Harris is an AMAZING instructor. Not only is she a subject-matter expert, she also really is about the growth of her students. It has been such a wonderful experience learning from a healthcare professional whose patient care exceeds beyond the medical requirement. I wish there were more teachers like her.

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